Undergraduate Teaching Program:

The Department of Animal Science offers three mandatory and 21 optional courses for the Agronomic Engineering program and three courses for the Biological Sciences program, embracing the teaching, research and continuing education programs in beef and dairy cattle, swine, sheep, goats, horses, fish and poultry working on:

·      farm animal nutrition and nutritional programs;

·      nutritional and biological value of feedstuff;

·      animal husbandry, genetics and breeding;

·      design and management of animal production systems;

·      animal physiology;

·      dairy farming and milk quality;

·      animal biotechnology;

·      forage plants and pastures.

Graduate studies and research:

The Department of Animal Science is also home to the graduate program in Animal Science and Pastures [PPG-CAP], awarding masters and doctoral degrees and rendering strong contribution to the private sector through extension courses, continuing education and training programs, technical and scientific events and symposia. The physical plant of LZT spreads out through many areas of the Luiz de Queiroz campus, and includes office and administration buildings, laboratories, experimental areas for animals, pastures and forage, classrooms and support units, feed mills, dairy farm and feed lots, etc. Main lines of research lines of LZT include, but are not limited to:


·      animal production systems and techniques;

·      nutrition and feeding of poultry and fish;

·      nutrition and feeding of ruminants;

·      microbiology of the animal digestive tract;

·      pasture range and forage production;

·      hay and silage;

·      animal genetics and breeding;

·      applied animal physiology;

·      animal biotechnology;

·      dairy farm management and milk quality.


Please access courses syllabus at the link

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