Eduardo Francisquine Delgado

BSc Agronomic Engineering (UFLA, 1987), MSc (UFLA, 1993), PhD (University of Arizona, 1998), Post-doctoral fellow (ESALQ-USP, 1999; ISU, 2014)
Assistant Professor
+55 (19) 3429-4133 ext. 301
Research area: 
Research interest and study area: Research efforts focusing on muscle physiology with emphasis on growth and changes in skeletal muscle at the molecular (proteomic) and cellular level caused by fetal programming, nutrition, metabolic modifiers, management, genetics and their interrelationships with stress physiology that have a potential impact on organoleptic quality of meat from different cultures, with special interest in red meat. The muscular protein degradation systems and the relationship with meat texture are particularly studied.
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